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The Healing Hands, LLC, recognizes the need for a variety of treatment services for patients experiencing problems with substance abuse/and or mental illnesses. We provide a full continuum of quality outpatient, substance abuse, and mental health services, from least intensive to most intensive.

The HealingHands, LLC, services adults who wish to receive substance abuse evaluations, referrals, urine testing, and outpatient counseling. The OPT program specializes in the treatment of all substance abuse problems including alcohol, opioids, methamphetamine, crack, and cocaine abuse, and group counseling.

The healing hands clinic will offer a hybrid service where some sessions are offered through telehealth, and others offered in person. Intakes are offered in person or online by our BHTs based on the convenience and availability of the clients.

Administrative and Clinical Hours:

8:00 am -5:00 pm Monday-Friday
Sunday & Saturday: Closed

Our Services

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Group Counseling

Group counseling is available to address topics such as substance abuse, parenting skills, addictions, life skills training, decision making skills, and relapse prevention.

Individual Counseling

The Healing Hands, LLC’s professionally trained licensed and/or certified counselors can provide patients with confidential private assistance with substance abuse problems, anxiety and depression

Intensive Outpatient Treatment Programs

The Healing Hands LLC recognizes that for some patients experiencing alcohol, drug and/or mental health problems and need for intensive outpatient services than normally offered by outpatient programs.

DUI Treatment/Education

Provide an alternative to long-term incarceration for offenders who match the eligibility criteria and reduce the substantial costs associated with that incarceration. In choosing this alternative we will save taxpayer dollars and court

DUI Screening

The screening process determines whether individuals are appropriate and eligible for the program based upon the target population criteria. An intake will be conducted to properly match DUI/DWI treatment court candidates with the type of treatment

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