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DUI Screening

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DUI Screening

The screening process determines whether individuals are appropriate and eligible for the program based upon the target population criteria. An intake will be conducted to properly match DUI/DWI treatment court candidates with the type of treatment services needed to address problems while ensuring that the community is protected from the risk of drunk driving behavior. All Clients are assessed either before entry into the program or at treatment entry to develop individualized treatment plans to establish clinical appropriateness for the treatment by the provider.

A clinically trained Behavioral health Professional and qualified counselor, Behavioral health Technician will perform the assessment. Assessments will culminate in a placement that is least intensive/restricted first and then intensify as clinically indicated. Ongoing assessment, pursuant to accepted clinical practices, is necessary to monitor progress, to change the treatment plan if necessary, and to identify relapse. Cultural proficiency is an important element of the assessment process and will be considered when engaging the defendant and motivates the individual to want to participate in the program and recognize the advantages it can provide in terms of recovery.

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